The Parables Of Jesus – Mp3 Download


The dominant form of Jesus’ teaching was parables. Most commentators simply use the parables as exercises in “sermonizing,” with little emphasis on the true historical context and application. In this 32 lesson series, Don K. Preston investigates not only the proper first century meaning of the parables, but he also explores what they can mean for us today. The parables contain some of Jesus’ most profound teaching on eschatology, on ethics, and on grace to be found anywhere in his entire ministry.
In this series, Preston spends a great deal of time on the parable commonly known as the Prodigal Son. This parable, in it’s original context, deals with the restoration of Israel, the “lost ten tribes,” if you will. However, in establishing this exegetical fact, the parable also is one of the most fantastic illustrations of the grace of God that can be imagined! This series of lessons will inspire you and give you a greater appreciation for the “God of Grace.”
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