Final judgement


I wonder if there is a general consensus among preterists on the doctrine of final judgement? The obvious orthodox Christian position is stated basically like this: all finally reprobate people will be condemned to an eternal, conscious torment in hell. I find this doctrine troubling, mainly because I cannot reconcile myself to the idea of an all-compassionate, merciful and loving God who spared not his only begotten Son to redeem us to himself, who would then, the instant after their death, turn into a wrathful, vindictive God who would subject multitudes of people to  this horridly awful fate for endless ages. Scripturally, I cannot find anything to support conscious torment except in the parable of Lazarus and his wealthy counterpart. But even that does not mention any specific duration. I am not challenging the authority of Scripture here, but wondering if, like with the misguided concept of the Last Days stems from a misapplication of Scriptural exegesis, I wonder if a more careful and objective approach to this doctrine of final judgement might bear a different conclusion? I welcome thoughtful input on this subject, and even some direction on resources that can help my inquiry.