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Each of the digital content are download ready if you wish to save them to your device. Here is what you get for one price of $94.50.

  1. Acts 1:11 – In Like Manner (mp3 Audio normally $12.99)
  2. Acts and the Restoration of Israel (mp3 Audio normally $24.99)
  3. Eschatology and the Holy Spirit (mp3 Audio normally $14.95)
  4. Ezekiel – The Gog Magog War (Video normally $12.99)
  5. Hosea and the Resurrection (mp3 Audio normally $15.99)
  6. Ice vs Preston Debate (Video normally $17.95)
  7. John The Baptizer (Video normally $10.99)
  8. Preston-Gregg Debate (Video normally $12.99)
  9. Preston-v-Schwertley Debate (video/Audio normally $10.00)
  10. Study of 1st Peter (Video normally $25.00)
  11. The Land Promises To Israel (Video normally $19.50)

That’s a regular cost of $165.35 if ordered separately. Your price as a subscription for 1 year = $94.50

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One price for all and at a great reduction in comparrison to the cost per each.

Just $94.50