Offer your Self-Published Study Guide!

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Add your Group Study Book. Phase 1

 In the coming months we hope to:

1. Have a library of various studies.
2. Offer studies at a free or reduced price.
3. Have an effective database of home groups.
4. Be an encouragement to Preterist Churches to do the same.
5. Encourage video ministries to produce Group Study Videos.
6. Raise funds for all the above.


Preterist Doctrine

We need Small Group Study Guides

Are you a Preterist Christian author or writer searching for the best way to make use of your small group study material? At Preterist Doctrine, we are developing a program to offer Fulfilled Covenant study guides for both teacher and students, at a free to very low cost. As the original authors, we need your help in accomplishing this vital work as a ministry to others.

Submit your guide and become a study material provider!

We do not expect you to give away your hard work. Preterist Doctrine hopes to sell Small Group Study Guides at a low price for those who can pay and at no cost for those unable. With your cooperation, we can work together to get this done.

No one knows your study material better then you. Therefore when the time comes to prepare phase 2 of this program, you will be asked to organize it into a format suitable for a small group. You will be asked to produce a teachers guide and a student guide. Ideally the material would be made into booklets, but with today's information technology this may not be required in all instances. More on this as we approach the next phase.